History of the One-Day Workshop

September 2010-Warm Beach Camp, WA: This was the maiden launch of the 1-Day Storytelling Workshops. It was made possible because of Tom’s persistent vision that the storytelling method that has been so effective overseas in third world countries, needed to be customized and tried with churches and youth leaders in America.

We had 25 who attended this initial workshop from 12 different churches. There were 4 pastors, 11 full-time youth leaders, 2 para-church youth organizations, 3 missionaries, and 5 church leaders that Tom knew who were interested in storytelling.

Diane Brask and Dr. Larry Dinkins were the trainers for this initial workshop. It had some rough spots, as all first’s do, but was well received and several of the attendees went home with the ability to implement this method in their ministry sphere of influence immediately. It was encouraging to see that it was possible for people to catch the basic principles of effective storytelling in one day and could run with the story template that they had learned. The bookmark with the 5 C’s was a big hit and proved to make this 1 Day model do-able and more easily transferrable.

Since then we have had over 40 one day workshops mostly in the Northwest, a few in Canada and in other parts of the U.S. We have added additional trainers with Diane Brask and Tom Horton as primary trainers we have Steve Grieme, Daniel Jensen, Sean Peters and Aaron Rutledge, giving Storytelling Revolution the ability to accommodate most any training opportunity.


                   Maiden training workshop at Warm Beach Camp Sept. 2010