Tom_Steve“Bible storytelling is invaluable in discipleship for several reasons: 1) It embeds the story in the heart where we can more readily meditate on it and receive further teaching about it from the Holy Spirit. 2) It equips the follower of Christ to share Bible truths in a way that is engaging and readily replicates. 3) And it creates an environment of discussion and dialogue that is crucial in
helping people to become mature followers of Jesus.” – Robby Butler, Mission Strategy Consultant, Anacortes, WA

“It was really beneficial and eye-opening to see and understand that STORYTELLING was Christ's preferred way to teach... and it works for all ages and education levels also.” – Ranita Goodin Boulevard Park Presbyterian Church, Seattle, WA

“We have been using story telling since we got back from the workshop. God has done some amazing things in our church. We have used it in every Bible study and youth group session since we returned and our students are loving it! I spoke on Sunday in church and used this storytelling method with our entire church family. They enjoyed the time so much, that they asked me to teach an adult Sunday school class using only the story telling method. As you can see, this a great tool for students and adults alike.”- Aaron Rutledge, Associate Pastor of Youth and Families, Living Faith Community Church, Philomath, OR

“This is the most practical ministry tool that I have seen in years. I wish I would have had this training when I started as a pastor. I know it would have made a significant difference in my own life and ministry. I think all Christian leaders ask themselves the question, “How can I get people more excited about the Bible?” This is it! I love this method because it gets people engaged in God’s Word in a way that captures their head and their heart. It truly does make disciples and that is what ministry is all about. I cannot overstate how important this training is for anyone wanting to serve our Lord more effectively. In fact, I believe in it so strongly that I am giving a lot of my time and energy this year in the Pacific NW to see that youth pastors and church leaders have an opportunity to get this training.” - Tom Horton, Director of Rural Church Youth Ministries

“Telling God's stories with this method engages students to think deeply about the heart of God and motivates them to see and share insights they discover in Scripture like few other things I have ever tried. This storytelling method should be a well used tool for any youth leader. We have been using it for several months now with some incredible results. In fact, I believe in it so strongly that I had Diane Brask come for a whole day to train the youth staff and volunteers at our church.” - Pastor Steve Greime, Director of Small Groups & Storytelling, Christ’s Church, Federal Way, WA.

"I loved the training. First I tried it at home with my 5 kids. Then I tried it with my High School students and I was amazed and encouraged at how much the Lord used the story and the discussion to speak to their hearts. It seems to be much more effective than me speaking at them. I also have been encouraged personally. Learning the story well and then taking the time to walk through the story in my preparation time has caused the story to live in me more before I present it." – Pastor Shon TenKley, Emmanuel Bible Fellowship Church, Olympia, WA

“This is the first training I have ever gone to that has given me a practical teaching tool that I can give to fathers to disciple their own children.” - Jamie Collins, Director of Men’s Ministries Northlake Church, Bellingham, WA

“We have started to use this storytelling template in all of our small groups and it is transforming our church.” - Paul Evans Elder at Christ the King in Anacortes, WA