WHY??    Mission Statement  (Why We Exist)

To assist and encourage churches in bringing young people into life changing encounters with Jesus Christ helping to prepare them for a life of service.


WHAT??     The Vision  (What We’re Trying To Accomplish)

To assist and encourage rural churches in making successful youth ministry possible in their local settings through collaborating with other ministry recourses.

To provide for metropolitan youth ministries a rural home missions opportunity that assists them in preparing students for a life of service as lay or full time Christian leaders.

To assist lay leaders and pastors in the rural church to build solid Biblical youth ministry programs.

HOW??      Goals  (Specific Steps)

To cast a vision for and oversee a partnership type relationship between a youth pastor and a rural church volunteer (or pastor). This would set in place the possibility for encouragement through the running of a ministry camp and the sharing of resources in order for the rural church to have a more focused and effective youth ministry.  This would also provide the sending church with a practical way to develop its ministry skills with its students.

To provide youth ministry materials, resources and training seminars which will enhance the effectiveness of youth leaders.

To develop a mentoring and consulting ministry for the purpose of ministering to youth leaders for success and longevity in youth ministry.

Ministry Concepts:

1. Rural Missions – Providing the rural church youth ministry outreach and discipleship programs.

2. Ministry Camps - Serving within the rural setting to develop student ministry skills.

3. Partnerships - Developing bridges with full-time youth workers and rural ministries.

4. Resource Information – Assisting rural youth leaders to find and use materials helping them to be more effective in youth ministry.

5. Youth Retreats – Sharing retreat concepts, which work for the rural church.

6. Training Notebooks - Providing volunteer workers helpful training materials.

7. Placement - Placing full-time workers in a rural setting as missionaries.

8. Training Seminars - Providing training for volunteer workers in the rural setting.

9. Networking - Building bridges between ministries addressing rural ministry needs.

10. Sharing - Learning from others in order to work smarter not harder.

11. Consulting/Mentoring services – Assisting youth leaders whether fulltime, part-time or volunteer, in all aspects of developing a balanced and stable youth ministry.